13 May 2010

A most edifying meeting

Over the past two months I have had the pleasure of meeting with several of the area Protestant ministers in Virden and Girard to work together to strengthen the pro-life movement in our area and to be of support to mothers in crisis pregnancies and to women who had abortions. This will be our primary concern.

We want to work together and to coordinate our efforts to have the greatest witness possible to the value, dignity and worth of every human life, from the moment of conception to natural death.

I am very excited about the direction in which this group is headed and can already foresee many blessings coming through our coorperation. I was particularly edified by our meeting this afternoon.

We agreed today to work toward having a time of prayer on the first Tuesday of each month for Christians to gather to pray for a greater respect for life. These services will alternate between Girard and Virden and will also be held at differing churches. Through these services we hope to pray for a wide range of concerns, both local and national.

We also hope to provide one another with a list of resources each of our churches provides so that we can be aware of all options and helps available in our communities. Looking at all of our services together will help us to see if we are offering all that we can and need to offer.

Might I ask you to keep these endeavors in your prayer? Please pray that by our common witness the Spirit might convert the hearts and minds of many.

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