10 May 2010

The current catalogue of The Holy Rood Guild arrived Saturday. It's one of my favorite catalogues I receive but can also be an occassion for great spending, or at least the temptation to do so.

This I am particularly struck by this chasuble, the Begamo Rossa:

What do you think?


  1. Yowzaa. Champagne taste.

  2. It's stunning! and although pricey, not as much as many I've seen. I recently saw a chasuble that I would have purchased in a heartbeat if I could have. The price tag was $2,500! I almost just wrote "purchased for our pastor" but really, these things are to give glory and honor to our sweet Jesus, not the priest.

    I hear that St. John Vianney spared no expense for such things. *wink*wink*

  3. I love the orphrey, but I'm not sold on that shade of red. It would be stunning in crimson.