25 January 2007

Talk about a distraction

The Pastor's dog, Molly, a beautiful four-year-old German Shepherd, tends to bark quite a bit when parishioners and others pop into the office to see him. From time to time Molly simply will not stop barking, although usually she does.

Very often when she doesn't stop barking the Pastor will bring her into my office and quickly close the door behind him as walks off for his meeting, thereby leaving Molly stuck in my office with me.

Molly and I get along very well; in fact, it's fantastic living with a dog again after being in academia for nine years.

The only difficulty is this: have you ever tried to accomplish anything with an eighty pound German Shepherd barking, whimpering and whining around your office because she cannot get to her Master, although she knows perfectly well where he is and can hear his voice from the room next door? It's very nearly impossible.


  1. She's adorable. I'd say relax and enjoy the company, even if distracting.

  2. She is a great dog and her company is always welcome.