15 October 2006

A lesson on song

As I was setting the Sacramentary, unlocking doors, and otherwise preparing for Mass out at Annunciation Parish in Shumway last evening, I thought I was alone in the church (the parish of which I hope to be pastor one day although the Bishop has already informed me it will not happen). As I moved about the sanctuary and the aisles I was singing something that I cannot now remember.

When I returned to the sacristy there was a young man waiting for me who asked if I had been singing in Latin. I was surprised for two reasons: first, because, as I said before, I thought I was alone and, second, because I really didn't know the answer to his question! I was simply happily singing to the Lord; it may have been English or Latin - maybe even a combination - or maybe even a bit of Scandinavian for all I know :)

Moral of the story: When singing in a public place always pay attention to what you sing lest somebody ask you about it and you look foolish.

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