02 October 2006

The first meeting

The Dead Theologians Society met for the first time at St. Anthony of Padua parish Sunday, October 1st.

The meeting began with a cookout with hot dogs and s'mores in the backyard of the rectory before moving into the loft (the attic) of the parish center.

The topic for the first meeting, "Who are the saints?", and served as an introduction to the D.T.S. The topics for future meetings will involve the lives of individual saints and the teachings of the Church.

Sixteen youth attended the first meeting and joined together in food, fellowship, learning, and prayer. They seemed excited about the meeting and the future meetings. Because no other group uses the loft we can decorate it and do virtually whatever we want to it. The kids are supposed to think of some ideas to paint the room and we'll take a vote on the ideas. They are also already suggesting various service projects and trips that we might take.

I think the meeting went well and I am very excited about the weeks to come! St. Anthony blessed us with a beautiful evening and I am confident that he will continue to care for us as our patron.

The next meeting of the D.T.S. will be held Sunday, October 15th at 7:00 p.m. The social time of the meeting will involve a brief tour of the rectory and the topic for the meeting will be ...

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