24 October 2006

The agony of defeat

It is a curious thing, competition.

We spend so much time, effort and energy in preparing for various competitions, fully expecting to win and to taste the sweet glory of victory, all the while knowing that one side must win and the other must lose and suffer the agony of defeat.

Last night our soccer team played fantastically in their match against the Rochester Rockets in Raymond. They played an excellent game, far better than they played last Thursday night. Nevertheless, they lost the match after double overtime to penalty kicks.

All day Monday I was quite beside myself. I was excited about the game; me, the one who never has enjoyed sports at all. I wanted our Bulldogs to win maybe more than they did. I was even fully prepared to cancel my weekend plans to attend a wedding in Quincy to travel with them to the match(es) in Naperville and even to buy their meal on the way home (there are 20 some players on the team).

The boys kept me on the edge of my seat the entire game (I sat down after a while and wrapped myself in my cape because it was warmer than sitting). At one point I apparently let out a, "What the h__l," which quite surprised the team sitting next to me.

Still this evening I am sad at their loss. I cannot say that I am disappointed, though, because they played an exciting and awesome game. They should all be very proud of themselves; I know that I am.

Well done boys!

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