19 October 2006

The game of kings

This year I began sponsoring a chess club at our high school. I'm quite happy to say that we about fifteen students in the club who meet each Wednesday and Thursday during lunch to play.
They are an energetic and enjoyable group of students with many great ideas.

Tuesday evening - after the soccer game - we met for our first tournament. They want to have t-shirts made and have a piece of the chess board put on the back of the shirts. In order to determine who gets what piece, they played for it. The pawns and knights were selected Tuesday and we still have to finish the tournament to determine who is the king and queen.

We have one young lady in the group and the rest are young men. They assured me that the young lady is not the Queen by default as I suggested (they told me at first that I was automatically a bishop but took that away from me; now I'm the Lord Regent). I was rather hoping that she would win the tournament and become king and one of the guys would have been queen. That would have been rather amusing, but it doesn't look a possibility now.

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