18 September 2016

Orthodox Bishops celebrate the Divine Liturgy before the Volto Santo

Word of the Volto Santo - the veil that covered the face of Christ Jesus in the tomb and now bears the image of his face after his Resurrection - slowly continues to spread among the faithful as the desire to behold the face of God increases in the hearts of those who love him.

Today, nearly seventy bishops of the Latin and Orthodox Churches taking part in the fourteenth plenary session of the joint commission for theological dialogue between the Churches visited the Shrine of the Holy Face in Manoppello, Italy where the Divine Liturgy was celebrated before the Volto Santo:

PHOTO: Antonio Bini
I learned of the plans for this celebration some months ago and have anxiously been awaiting photographs and stories from the day's celebrations (which I hope to share with you as I receive them).

PHOTO: Antonio Bini
Antonio Bini, to whom I am grateful for many kindnesses over these past several months, reports that a representative of each of the fourteen Orthodox Churches prayed in ten languages before the Volto Santo. Afterward, they prayed the Our Father together in Italian.

Let us pray that the Lord Jesus will restore unity to his Church through a mutual desire to look upon his Holy Face!

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