02 April 2016

Bishop Paprocki ordains 4 deacons on birthday of Augustus Tolton

Last evening, on the 162nd birthday of the Servant of God Father Augustus Tolton, His Excellency the Most Reverend Thomas John Paprocki, Bishop of Springfield in Illinois, ordained four men to the Sacred Order of Deacons in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception:

Deacon Lorilla, Deacon Pyrchal, Bishop Paprocki, Deacon Friedel, Deacon Stock
PHOTO: Paula Mattix Wand
Those ordained are Deacons Michael Friedel, Ronnie Lorilla, Rafal Pyrchal, and Wayne Stock. These men will be ordained to the Sacred Order of Priests on Saturday, 27 May 2017. Be sure to look for the story about the ordination in this week's issue of the Catholic Times.

Some years after he was ordained a deacon in Rome on 8 November 1885, Father Tolton said,
The day I was ordained deacon, I felt so strong that I thought no hardship would ever be too great for me to accept. I was reading for anything; in fact, I was very sure I could move mountains - in Africa.
Although, so far as we know, these four deacons will not be sent to Africa, let us pray that, through Father Tolton's intercession, they, too, will feel ready for anything as they set out to preach the Gospel in the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois.

Father Gus, pray for them! 


  1. A. Where are they being sent?
    B. Do you know where you are going when you are done in Rome?