08 April 2016

A change at Tolton's grave

In his Narn I Hîn Húrin, the great J.R.R. Tolkien put these words into the mouth Húrin, "But one who looks forward must see this: that things will not remain as they were." Anyone who has paid even a little attention to life knows the truth of these words.

Earlier today, a friend shared with a few photographs she had taken during a pilgrimage to the grave of the Servant of God Father Augustus Tolton. Though I was delighted she was able to make the pilgrimage, one of photos saddened me:

PHOTO: Nancy Hood
What saddened me is what appears to be the removal of overgrowth - and possibly a few saplings - between the cemetery and the buildings just to the east of it, as can be seen in this photograph I took a couple of years ago:

The difference can be seen even more clearly in this photograph taken 21 October 2012:

I suppose this is what is meant by progress, but is it really progress if the ugliness of modern construction is no longer hidden, if oases of peace are altered

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