03 September 2015

This hat has served me well

Back in the day before Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, when companies relied on e-mail to communicate more closely with their customers (and fans), Dr Pepper was in the habit of randomly selecting certain subscribers and sending them unexpected gifts. Thanks, Dr Pepper!

Somewhere between 12 and 15 years ago (I cannot now recall precisely), I was the happy recipient of one of these unexpected - and very welcome - packages. Dr Pepper sent me a metal lunchbox (which I used from time to time). When I first opened the lunchbox, I found a t-shirt (which I wore), a commemorative limited edition belt buckle (which I still have but have never worn), and a baseball cap (which I wear with regularity):

All these long years, the hat has served me well and, though I have very few pictures of me wearing it, it has traveled the world with me, from Australia to Hawaii to Rome to the Holy Land and places in between:

After much exposure to the sun, the once deep maroon color has faded and the fabric of the bill, once stylishly ripped, is ripping on its own accord. To make it worse, other parts of the hat are wearing out and becoming threadbare, something I only noticed two days ago. This current holiday in Hawaii will likely be the last excursion on which I use the hat and soon I will need to find a replacement.

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