23 September 2015

A simple lesson from Pope Francis at the presentation of the gifts

As I sit in Quincy watching the Holy Mass for the Canonization of Saint Junipero Serra in Washington, D.C., I am reminded that different personalities have different ways of doing things.

What called this to mind is the manner in which the Holy Father Pope Francis received the offerings from the faithful: standing, quietly and quickly, without any words spoken to - or heard from - those who presented to him the offerings of bread and wine.

As I watched this, I thought back to the manner in which his predecessor Benedict XVI received the offerings: seated, and with a few words exchanged between him and those who presented the gifts, which led me to ask once, "What does one say to the Pope?" (Regrettably, I cannot seem to find this post at the moment.)

Personally, I prefer the manner in which Benedict received the gifts (though, admittedly, I only say a quiet "Thank you" to those who present the gifts when I offer the Holy Mass). 

My preference for one manner, however, does not mean the other manner is somehow bad or inappropriate; it simply means that I prefer one way over the other. This is a simple lesson we in the United States of America need to learn, or at least to remember.

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