17 August 2015

The Class of 2019 has never licked a stamp

As college students return to academia and the Class of 2019 begins its academic career, the Beloit College Mindset List has once again been released to us. The list includes fifty things students born in 1997 have or have never known.

As in past years, the list is helpful for attempting to understand the Class of 2019 and how it perceives the world (and for making you feel even older than before).

The most surprising thing to me on the list is that the Class of 2019 has, according to item #3, "never licked a postage stamp."

Does this mean, then, that they do not know the horrible taste of licking stamp after stamp after stamp? Have they never wondered why the United States Postal Service never developed a better tasting stamp? Would they know what to do with a stamp bought in the Vatican City State or in Italy, where self-adhesive stamps do not exist?

Capello tip to Aggie Catholic

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