19 August 2015

12 things you might now know about Dr Pepper

A few friends have shared with me today a post at Mental about 11 things you might not know about Dr Pepper. I'm pleased to say I knew all but numbers 8 and 9 on the list, namely that the original recipe might have been discovered in 2009 and that Roanoke, Virginia claims the title of Dr Pepper Capital of the World (I'm not sure how I missed that).

Let me add another item to the list:


I discovered this quite accidentally one day a few years ago. After finishing a piece of pineapple upside down cake (which is always a good idea), I took a quick sip of Dr Pepper. The flavors blended together in my mouth and I said to myself, "I think that was good!" To be sure, I plopped two or three chuncks of pineapple into a glass of Dr Pepper, swirled it around a bit, and took a drink. Try it; you won't regret it. Just remember: the fresher the pineapple - if the bottom of a pineapple smells like a pineapple, but it; if not, leave it on the shelf - the better).

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