07 August 2015

Have you prayed for them today?

As we approach the close of this day, we cannot forget to pray in a particular way for the persecuted Iraqi Christians in keeping with the appeal of the Chaldean Patriarch on this tragic anniversary of the conquest of the Nineveh Plain by the Islamic State.

You could spend an hour in Eucharistic adoration.

You could read the account of the Lord's Passion in one of the Gospels.

There are any number of ways you could remember the Iraqi Christians in your prayers before you go to sleep tonight. Please, do not forget them. And do not forget to make use of the prayer composed by His Beatitude Rafael I Sako:
Lord Jesus Christ,
You taught us to pray to the Father in your name, and you assured us that whatever we asked for, we would receive.
Therefore, we come to you with complete confidence asking you to give us the strength to stand fast in this violent storm, to reach peace and security before it is too late:
This is our prayer, and although it seems difficult for us, we trust you to give us all we need for our survival and our future.
Help us, Father, to continue working together, to be free, responsible and loving, to fulfill your will, joyfully, carefully, and courageously.
At Cana, Jesus’ Mother was the first to notice there was no wine.
Through her intercession, we ask you, Father, to change our situation - as your son changed water into wine - from death into life. Amen.
We cannot forget that we, like they, are N.

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