27 August 2013

A curious start to the day

Life is filled with any number of odd sights.

As I made my way to class this morning, I took my usual route of the Via Cyprese, so named for a Cypress tree that stands at the landing of a rather long flight of steps.  Because of the large quantity of pigeons that make this Via their home, one of the seminarians referred to it as "Pigeon Alley."

This morning I found myself behind a pigeon making its way up steps, not with its wings, but by hoping up one step at a time.  It was both a baffling sight and a very humorous one.

As the pigeon turned the corner out of sight, I continued laughing and pondered how often pigeons hop up stairs, and why.  If I had wings, I would certainly use them.

Before I knew it, the pigeon was flying back down the stairs at me in quite a hurry.  Being a narrow Via, I wasn't sure how to avoid being hit by the pigeon, when at the last moment it flew over my head.  Again, I found myself pondering what had happened, when suddenly a dog came bounding down the steps with a happy look on its face.

I wonder if such happenings will continue throughout the day.

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