15 February 2013

USCCB urges prayers for religious freedom and conscience protection

Today being Friday, let us remember that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops have issued to us a Call to Prayer: Pledge to Fast for the intention of Life, Marriage, and Religious Liberty in these United States of America.

The passage of the so-called Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act yesterday by the Illinois Senate is a clear reminder of the necessity for us to raise fervent prayers to God and to work diligently to safeguard our freedoms.

Today's intention from the USCCB is:
For our President, legislators, judges, and all in service to the common good, that through the gift of heavenly wisdom they may work to uphold religious freedom and conscience protection for all.
Brother priests, please use this intention at Mass today, and perhaps this weekend, as well.   This would also be a good intention to remember throughout the day.

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