14 February 2013

Illinois Senate approves redefinition of marriage

A few moments ago the Illinois Senate approved the redinition redefinition of marriage - in mockery of actual married love and in a great falsehood.

The so-called Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act passed by a vote of 34 to 21.

It took nine months after the passage of the so-called Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act before the religious liberty of Catholic Charities was stripped away when we were forced out of foster care and adoption services even though we were promised - on the floor of the Senate - that the bill would in no way affect foster care and adoption services.

Somehow I don't expect it will take so long this time around, though I do hope I am incorrect in my assessment.

And to think that two years the Illinois legislators assured us that they would not in the future push for "gay marriage" because the Civil Union Act afforded them all the rights they deserved.  One lie on top of another on top of another.

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