05 December 2012

Miracles do happen

In a skeptical age such as ours we like to think that miracles do not happen, or at least that they do not happen in our own day.

Leonardo Defilippis of St. Luke Productions recently shared a story - connected to my hometown - through his e-mail newsletter that happened on his tour across the nation for his performance of Maximilian: Saint of Auschwitz:
Every performance brings incredible blessings, but we recently had an experience during our South Dakota tour that bordered on the miraculous. To give you a little background, when I returned home from a tour of the Midwest I discovered that an envelope of money, collected from DVD sales in Quincy, Illinois, was missing. In 32 years of touring, this had never happened before! After much searching, we all gave up, deciding it was truly gone. 
More than a week later we arrived in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Immediately, the parish priest approached me, and placed in my hand the very same missing envelope. Where had he found it? At the foot of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima in the church, where I had never been! There was no logical explanation! We continue to marvel that through whatever means, God confirms his miraculous power [emphases original]
If you haven't yet seen Leonardo enacting one of the lives of the Saints, I highly recommend you do so.  He is a very talented actor and a wonderful man of faith.  I remember his performance of St. John Vianney here in Springfield very well and the time I spent visiting with him.  I look forward to being with him again some day.

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