01 June 2011

Quincy = Hobbiton?

For some years now I have referred to my beloved home of Quincy, Illinois as Hobbiton, and with good reason.

Like Hobbits, Quincyans enjoy good food and drink, and gardening.  And also like Hobbits, Quincyans are often quite content to ignore - and be ignored - by the world around them.

Over the weekend I was reading through the letters of Father Francis Solano Hilchenbach (d. 1898) who spent a good part of his life teaching in Quincy.  In a letter he wrote to Father Leonard Neukirchen, O.F.M. on November 17, 1887, Father Hilchenbach made the following observation:
Here in Quincy everything goes its customary course; an honest slowpoke in dressing-gown and night-cap could very conveniently vegetate here.  For change or excitement seldom occur; except that a few days ago some disturbance was caused in the morning lavatory when suddently it was announced: Reverend Bruener has left for Teutopolis to become a Franciscan!  But that transpired so suddenly; all had been pre-arranged secretly, and before the roosters had time to crow about it, everything was back in the old rut.
It almost sounds as if it came straight from Tolkien himself!


  1. On the other hand, when something wild does happen, such as the opening of the first Arby's, they have to get a cop to direct traffic at its parking lot entrance for at least a week.

  2. Anonymous7:10 AM

    I know this post is really old, and this question might be odd, but I thought it would be an appropriate place to pose it:

    We are planning on going to the Hannibal Fall Folklife Festival this weekend. Since that is just across the river from Quincy, did you ever attend it? If so, what would be some of the "can't miss" foods, craft demonstrations, etc.? And how big of a crowd/traffic can we expect? (I grew up in a town that had a huge Burgoo Festival every fall and traffic/parking was a big issue so I'd kind of like to be prepared if possible.)


    1. I'm afraid I can't be of help with that, Elaine; I've not heard of the Hannibal Fall Folklife Festival before. I hope you enjoy it!