15 June 2011

Welcome to my life

My life is nothing if not interesting and filled with the unexpected.  Sometimes these interesting and unexpected happenings are good and other times they are not so good.

Last week while on retreat one of my priest-friends commented, after experiencing with me a great deal of difficulty refilling a prescription, that strange and frustrating circumstances seem to come my way quite often while for him for they were very rare.  Having travelled together to Sydney for the World Youth Day his words are quite true.

Over the past couple of days I was camping with a few friends.  It rained on us over the night (my tent remained dry) but the forecast called for more rain and storms throughout the day (which proved to be true).  Seeing a break in the storms we decided to break camp much earlier than planned.

Our group then decided to meet in the lodge for the morning.  I dropped them off at the front door and parked my car in the parking lot which was some distance away.

Knowing that an umbrella was in the back of my car (I have a hatchback), I put my passenger seat down and managed to climb back over the seat to the hatchback.  After some searching I finally found the umbrella and managed my way back to the driver's seat (I don't know why I didn't simply exit through one of the back doors).

At any rate, I opened the door, put the umbrella outside and pushed the button to extend the covering.  To my surprise, irritation and, yes, amusement, the umbrella cover simply launched off of the handle like a rocket and landed on the ground a few feet away.  I'd never seen or heard of this happening before.

I picked up the two ends of the umbrella, walked to the lodge and arrived rather wet.

Welcome to my life.  Now I'm off to find a new umbrella.  Maybe two umbrellas.

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