01 February 2011

Snowed in? Might as well ponder

Perhaps the lonly positive aspect of being under a blizzard warning is the time that can now be given over to reading.

As you're stuck inside over the next couple of days, consider these words from Jean Corbon from his The Wellspring of Worship:

Then man appears. It is because God is holy that he calls the man to be "his image." This unique creature, with its male and female forms, is essentially proposed and not thrust into being; it is the only creature that is not "made" but must always be born; it is the locus of the living God's most far-reaching kenosis [self-emptying] because it is the treasure he most loves. In the liturgical poem that describes the creation of man God does not say, "Let there be men!" as he does for all other creatures. He says, rather, "Let us make man in our own image, in the likeness of ourselves" (Gen 1:26). This decision contains within it all the risk and expectation of self-giving love: men are called into existence, but will they accept and respond? Will they gaze back into the adorable Face of God (p. 33)?

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