17 February 2011

The Office, Chancery style

As I continue to settle into my office at the Catholic Pastoral Center, there has been some debate as to what the sign outside of my office should read.

Officially, I am the Episcopal Master of Ceremonies and the Associate Director of the Office for Vocations; that won't fit on the sign. And the Episcopal Master of Ceremonies falls into the Office of the Bishop, which is half-way down the hall from my office; the Director of the Office for Vocations has his office downstairs while my office is upstairs.

The Diocesan Webmaster -who is in the Office for Information Technology - decided to make a sign for my office he thought was fitting:

I like it, but it probably won't fit into the overall curial structure. Instead, it was decided that the sign should be:

It isn't as much fun, but I suppose it will work.

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