02 February 2011

After Communion, what do I do?

A question frequently asked of priests runs something like this: What should I do after I receive Holy Communion?

This morning I found a good and simple answer to the question from Saint Thomas More:

Now when we have received our Lord and have him in our body, let us not then let him alone, and get us forth about other things, and look no more unto him . . . but let all our business be about him. Let us by devout prayer talk to him, by devout meditation talk with him. Let us say with the prophet: Audiam quid loquatur in me dominus, I will hear what our Lord will speak within me.

For surely if we set aside all other things, and attend unto him, he will not fail with good inspirations, to speak such things to us within us, as shall serve to the great spiritual comfort and profit of our soul.

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