28 September 2009

Meanwhile, back at St. Anthony's...

Just a few moments ago one of my former students and soccer players tagged me in a note he posted on Facebook of an article he wrote for the student newspaper, The Bulldog Bark. He wrote:

I was heading back to my study hall, after going to put some homework away, when I decided I’d see if Fr. Daren was around to just hang out and talk with him. A few steps later I stopped, realizing that Fr. Daren was gone. No more random hellos in the hallway, no more chess club games, no more soccer practice with him as assistant coach! It might not have happened to you yet, but you’ll probably “realize” that Papa D has left sometime soon, like when you see someone drinking a can of Dr. Pepper, go to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings, or when you go to church. No one wanted to give him up, but he had to go. Even though he’s gone, the time he spent with us was the greatest! He was a great priest, and an even better friend. If you’re ever feeling the “Papa D blues”, there’s always texting, phone calls, Facebook, and Virden is only 2 hours away if you have time to visit. We know he’ll do well in Virden, and hopefully he’ll come back to visit Effingham very often! Keep him in your prayers and send him a text to say good luck!
I don't know what to say. I do miss those kids. I suppose that's a fourth gift the Lord sent my way today.

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