03 September 2009

Lord, help us!

This morning I learned of the unexpected death of another of our parishioners, who likely be buried on Monday or Tuesday. She was one of those I visited on First Fridays. Please keep her, and her family, in your prayers.

I told the Pastor of her death and mentioned that I thought next week would be as bad as this week. He replied, "It can't be." I hope he's right.

I'm not sure who the patron saint is of overly stressed and exhausted clergy, but I suspect Saint John Vianney will certainly be happy to intercede for us. Please ask him to pray for us.

Pray that we remain calm and are filled with the strength to see to our duties and to provide pastoral care for our people. Pray that my pastor can be of comfort to his siblings as they grieve for their father, who remains with us this morning. Pray that I will be able to pack my belongings by Friday afternoon.

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