28 September 2009

I wish St. Francis were here

I woke this morning right about three o'clock to some buzzing or ringing sound that I could not immediately determine.

I thought it might be the telephone in the bed room I am in (which apparently wasn't plugged in until about seven o'clock yesterday evening). That was not it.

Then I thought it might be a smoke alarm somewhere in the house. That was not it, either.

When I returned upstairs the I could tell the sound was coming only from the area of my bed room, by the door and, after some pondering and checking of electronic things, inside the wall. It is a pparently a cricket that is afraid neither of pounding on the wall nor of the television.

I am at a loss at to what to do. It is so loud that if I moved to a guest room I would still hear the cricket loud and clear.

Now I know why Saint Francis of Assisi told the cricket to stop singing. I tried; it is not listening to my request.

I guess, at least, I do not have a spider wandering around me as I address a gathering, like the Holy Father had recently (capello tip to Carl Olson).

Are there any simple cricket removal methods?

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