26 March 2008

I'm quite surprised

I've just finished speaking with the Editor (the publisher is on vacation) of the Effingham Daily News.

I called to discuss last night's Letter to the Editor. I view this letter as libelous against me and against the Catholic Church and everyone that I have spoken with and read the letter views it in the same letter.

The Editor strongly denies and when asked if I were to write a similar letter regarding a Protestant denomination, she would not say if she would publish the letter, skirting around it by saying the letters are "opinions."

At one point she told me if I wanted to pursue the libel I would have to do so in a different way. I asked that way would be and she told me I should speak with a lawyer.

Very well. I will.

I'm quite shocked she actually told me to call a lawyer. And I don't expect she'll publish my response.

If you're in the area reading this and think Mr. N.'s most recent letter was indeed libelous, would you mind dropping a note to the Editor at:

Effingham Daily News
201 North Banker Street
Effingham, Illinois 62401

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