14 March 2008

The American Papist comments on CNN’s “news” story titled, “Forgive us father [sic], we’d rather go online.” The media simply cannot report properly about the Catholic Church. Yesterday I had an e-mail conversation with a reporter which gave insight into this and I may blog about this later.

Fr. Z. also has commented on this story.

Thomas also has – not for the faint of hear or those versed in the General Instruction of the Roman Missal – video footage of the LA’s closing Mass for the Religious Education Congress.

Sister Mary Martha fields a question about what to cover during a Confirmation retreat. My favorite line: “But by the time a person is old enough to take the Catholic Pledge, so to speak, the gloves are off. You're in the Army, now, sons and daughters. Welcome to Boot Camp. I think I scared some kids. Oh well.”

She also has a post on what to – and what not to – believe. She also has a post regarding St. Patrick’s Day.

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