26 August 2006

Another new Sister

The School Sisters of Notre Dame of the St. Louis Province will receive Sr. Glenda Becker, S.S.N.D., as she makes her First Profession today. (There is, quite sadly, nothing on the good Sisters web site about today's celebration.)

Sr. Glenda is a daughter of St. Anthony of Padua Parish, of which I am the Parochial Vicar. To mark this occassion our organist, Sr. Cordula, is going to the celebration as a School Sister of Notre Dame herself and as a representative of the parish. The Pastor and I sent with Sr. Cordula the following letter to Sr. Glenda:

To Sister Glenda Becker, S.S.N.D, daughter of Saint Anthony of Padua Parish, Effingham, Illinois, the Reverend Monsignor Leo J. Enlow, V.F., Pastor and Dean of the Effingham Deanery, and the Reverend Daren J. Zehnle, Parochial Vicar, on the occasion of her first profession as a School Sister of Notre Dame: Greetings of peace and joy!

With great joy do we happily send this letter to you through the faithful hands of Sr. M. Cordula Wekenburg, S.S.N.D. Let her presence with you on the twenty-sixth day of August call to mind not only the unity of the School Sisters of Notre Dame but also the prayerful presence of the parishioners of Saint Anthony of Padua Parish.
Since 1874 the spiritual daughters of the Blessed Mary Theresa of Jesus have generously and faithfully served the members of this parish, teaching and handing on the faith to countless children and adults. How happy we are that their dedicated example of humble love has led you to follow after them as you seek to the follow the Lord Jesus Christ.
Today our hearts well up with praise and thanksgiving to Almighty God as you make your first profession and enter into the consecrated life. Many prayers will be raised to the Most High on your behalf in the coming weeks and the Holy Mass will be offered for you. May the Lord fill you with every joy and blessing!

Given this twenty-fifth day of August, the Memorial of King Saint Louis IX, in the year of our Lord two thousand and six, at Effingham, Illinois.

This was a lot of fun to write! Congratulations, Sr. Glenda!

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