20 August 2006

Advice from students

At the end of the school year I asked my students to fill out an evaluation of the texts we used, the class as a whole, and me as a teacher. I was going through some of their answers this afternoon and thought I would share my favorite ones with you:

How helpful were the textbooks?

We had textbooks? Ha ha, just kidding, but I never used them.

Not very; hardly read them.

Not very. I understood what you wrote on the board better.

Hardly ever used them . . . ever.

Um, honestly they were good for holding my papers . . . that’s about it, though.

Never opened it.
Did the instructor present the material in an understandable fashion?

When you spoke, yes, but sometimes the way you wrote on the board made it confusing (all the arrows and abbreviations). When I was studying it later I forgot what the arrows meant.

Understandable? Yes. Interesting? Not so much.

Was the instructor fair in grading?

Yup. I like all the chances for extra credit, which by the way, this should be. I mean, I just got done taking your 9 page exam and you make me write more . . .
Did you enjoy this class?

Yes, it was my favorite.

Yes, we had fun and still learned a great amount.

Sometimes (more movies).

Yes, it was fun but still educational. I wish you would teach Seniors.
Did you learn in this class?

Way more than other classes.

YES!!! I’m glad I had this class. It cleared up a bunch of questions. I didn’t just learn Religion, either. I learned a few things about History.

For being school, yes.

Not really, but I didn’t try.
Would you recommend this instructor to others?

Yes, already did.

Yes. I think you should teach Confirmation classes for the 8th grade.

Well of course.

Well I did because I told them the class was fun when you weren’t trying to teach.
What can the instructor do to make this class more enjoyable?

More discipline.

Going to the gym more.

It’s religion – it’s not supposed to be enjoyable.

Well, get the class under control, especially the girls on the side of the room closest to the teacher’s desk.

Throw erasers. Ha ha. Nothing really . . . religion just isn’t exciting.

Not give us worksheets on our free days. Request to not have Mrs. N. as a sub!

Movies, games, random study halls.

Do more class exercises to get the class more involved.


I think it is fine; it’s school – not necessarily supposed to be enjoyable. If you wanted it to be more enjoyable, I would show more movies, though.

Um, more movies, less talk, just a suggestion.

Be more like a teacher and try not to make or have a personal connection with everyone in the class. Most teachers here don’t really like the students.

Don’t ask, “Why?”

Fireworks. Or less learning. You handing out detentions would be funnier. You always threatened but never actually did.

Play more games to study the material.
What can the instructor do to help students learn better?

More discipline.

Going to the gym more.

Read along in the book or something.

Don’t give in to students.

Slow down a little when you talk and repeat what they should take as a note.

Give out detentions and yell. I know if you would I probably would’ve gotten one but at least it would’ve entertained others.

Give the students more to do; get them more involved and put more up to them.

Notes that don’t go all over the board, have planned notes to write in orderly fashion; we like to be spoon fed our notes.

Don’t ask, “Why?”, just give us the info.

Quit trying.

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