01 May 2005

It's May!

Happy May Day and Feast of St. Joseph!

It was my hope today, as has become a sort of little custom for me, to celebrate May Day in my own fashion by watching the musical Camelot, paying careful attention for the song, "It's May." The song has been a favorite of mine for some years now, as have all of the songs of the musical, but today May Day just was not the same.

In part, because I had to settle with only listening to the musical rather than watching it because my movies are currently packed up in boxes and sitting in the hallway outside of my room, and in part because the temperature here in Mundelein did not rise above a very cool and dismal forty-five degrees. Hardly a proper way to begun the pleasant and splendid month of frolicking and rejoicing in the joys of a full-blown Spring!

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