18 May 2005

The Big Move

With ordination now - God willing - just ten short days away the grace of the Holy Spirit must surely be working for only real pressing concerns and worries at the present are the issues surrounding my move out of Mundelein Seminary.

From the beginning of the planned move out of my move most all of my plans have fallen fall through. Now I have rented a U-Haul and will move most everything out of my room tomorrow morning and store my things - including some thirty boxes of books - with friends in Springfield until I learn of my first assignment and can move in.

It is a very frustrating and aggravating process, packing. I cannot say that I really would recommend it to anybody as an activity for pleasure but only as one for penance and for those in Purgatory.

After Mass this afternoon in a little more than two hours I will - hopefully - load the majority of the remainder of my belongings - expecting a few books, clothes, toiletries, shoes, vestments, and my computer - into the U-Haul for the journey tomorrow morning.

Once I have packed up the truck I will be able to take up my carpet and turn over a couple of chairs and tables to other seminarians who will inherit them as did I. I must say that I feel very strange sitting in my room across from the wall my large bookcase once stood. The room seems so very empty without my books . . .

I think now I will go for a walk around the lake before Mass and then prepare myself to serve as deacon this afternoon. After supper I will then begin tedious packing venture and then go for a swim and then probably watch the behind the scenes footage from the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Perhaps - if I can arrange it - I may see Star Wars Episode IV: The Return of the Sith, but only if we do not leave for Springfield in the morning until 10:00 or so.

Peace and Joy!

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  1. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Ok... I am waiting for a blog about actually being a priest.