07 March 2005

A Taste of Spring

Yesterday's weather was simply amazing! Although the day opened with a cloudy sky and chilly temperatures, by the early afternoon not a cloud was to be seen. A pleasant breeze blew the air around with a temperature in the mid to upper 50s. It truly was a glimmer of hope and glance of spring!

How wonderful it felt to sit in my room with my windows open, listening to the blowing of the wind, the chatter of the squirrels, the chirping of a few birds, the arguments of racoons, and the conversations of passersby. I could feel the fresh air invigorate my body and my senses and what joy coursed through me then.

I am ready for spring; may winter's death be at hand. Come, spring, come! Do not delay!

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  1. Anonymous7:34 AM

    "A taste of Spring"
    It's no wonder why Spring is probably the most favored season of many. It's a season of new beginnings. Beginning with the spirit of Easter, we experience new life all around us. The Risen Lord offers us a "new life" just as Spring brings forth new life.
    The grass that seemed "dead" just a few short months ago blossoms with new life.
    With this "new life" the grass begins to grow, but in order to maintain it's beauty, it too must be "pruned" and nurtured just as we too must "prune" our new lives if we expect to grow spiritually.