28 March 2005

Easter Joy

On Holy Thursday I finally went about searching for Easter cards to give to a few people. Once I found the humorous cards for a select group, I then began searching for cards that spoke of true importance of Easter: the empty tomb.

I was quite astounded to find very few cards that mentioned either the empty tomb or the Lord Jesus. The overwhelming majority of the cards I was able to find simply said, "Happy Easter; Happy Spring." While it is true that the origin of the word "Easter" may come from the word "Spring", there is much more to this holy day than the coming of green grass, blue skies, and warm temperatures. Secular society has already managed to take Christmas, St. Valentine's Day, and St. Patrick's Day; now I fear they may be taking Easter.

With that said, let me move on. I had the awesome privilege and pleasure of proclaiming the Easter praises of the Lord on the day of my birth. What an amazing gift! The great Exsultet has long been my favorite song - it goes back some 1700 years or more. Easter Vigil 2005 will be a night I long will remember.

A blessed and joy-filled Easter to each of you!

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