04 December 2013

Let the writing begin

Each year the writing of Christmas cards to send to family and friends is a tedious pleasure, which this year will take on an additional level of tediousness.

Here in Italy it seems impossible to find boxed sets of Christmas cards; rather, the cards are purchased individually, though the envelopes do come with the cards (which was a bit of a surprise).  Today I purchased a stack of 100 cards from one of the Vatican bookstores - the cashier took a stack out of a cabinet and counted away and after reached under the counter for an already-bundled set of 100 envelopes - of very good quality, but they come unfolded:

They do have a crease already made, but the crease does not always seem to fold the card perfectly, adding to the additional tediousness.

At any rate, it's time to start writing.

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