31 May 2013

Please pray for my grandmother

This picture is a few years old, but she hasn't changed much.
In the charity of your prayers, might I ask you to remember my grandmother - a.k.a., Granny - who fell again yesterday morning?  Though she did not break any of her bones, she will be unable to return to her assisted living residence and will have to move into a nursing home because her strength has been fading over the past several months.

Sometimes I wonder if my independent streak doesn't come from her.  I don't expect she'll like this very much.  Thanks be to God, though, she has made wise choices in the past.  As one example, she willingly gave up her car some years back when she could still safely drive because she didn't want to get to the point where it would have to be taken from her.  She's a strong woman who has been through much in her more than ninety years of life, but not foolhardy.

The Lord has again blessed her and us with a similar decision.  Word from home is that "she agreed that it was time" to go to a nursing home, though the decision was "not cheerfully" made.

I would like to visit her this evening, but I've been advised by my family to stay in Springfield and not drive through the continuing storms (at this rate, I'm not sure they'll ever end) on the way to Quincy and back.  Tomorrow I will spend much of the day teaching the Totus Tuus team.  Depending on how she's doing in the morning, I may try to collapse the teaching schedule to make it home; otherwise, I'm planning to visit her late Sunday afternoon.