04 May 2013

A note of thanks

In some ways the act of writing a note of thanks can be learned, and in aspects it is certainly an art at which some people excel and others manage reasonably well.

Today I received a grateful note from one of our seminarians, who writes in part:
I have really enjoyed the times you have taken us out to eat this year and more importantly, the 2 times you cooked for us.  Most of all, thanks for sharing your time, knowledge, opinions and nerdyness with us.  I have really come to love hearing your thoughts on various topics.
Whether he spelled "nerdyness" properly or not, neither spell check nor I know with certainty, though it seems to me it should be spelled "nerdiness."

After two days spent largely on the highway driving through the rain up and down the State of Illinois, and after realizing that I have lost my voice, these words brought a great smile and a good laugh.

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