15 November 2012

Staples beat me to it

When I was at Quincy Notre Dame High School to celebrate Mass for the Solemnity of All Saints, I had the great pleasure of taking a teacher's classes for the day.

Knowing that his students have questions and that I have answers, he asked - when he learned I would be there for Mass - if I would have a go at their questions.

I've never been one to shy away from Q&A - in fact, I positively enjoy it and find it invigorating - and gladly accepted his invitation.

Now, such a session with high school students can be a bit of a challenge, not because of a fear of being stumped - which hasn't happened yet - but a fear of running out of questions.  I'm happy to say that each of the four questions asked insightful and intelligent questions, and had more questions than I had time to answer.

When I left for the day, the teacher - who is also a friend of mine - invited me to come back anytime.  When I saw him this past weekend in conjunction with a high school retreat I helped with, he told me his students insisted I needed to come back - apparently they thoroughly enjoyed my time with them - and said when I do come back I need to stay for a week (that might be hard to pull off).

At any rate, tomorrow I'll be back for a second go at their questions and I'm very much looking forward to it.

As invigorating as Q&A is, four hours of it is also exhausting.  If you happen to see me tomorrow in the late afternoon or throughout the evening and I don't make a great deal of sense (or, at least, less sense than usual), you now know the cause.

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