06 June 2012

A movie you must watch

Earlier this week I joined a few priests and the Bishop to see the film For Greater Glory. I cannot recommend the film enough to you.  It is excellent, powerful, and deeply thought-provoking.  It's one of those films that leaves you filled with a number of emotions and left me somewhat stupefied, but in a very good way.  Find it in a theatre near you and watch this movie.  I promise: You won't regret it.

We enjoyed the film so much that we encouraged other priests to see and they, too, returned deeply moved.

Reflecting on the film later in the day, one of the priests asked this question of those who saw it: Which character would you be?

One said Father Vega.  Another said Jose.  Most said Father Cristobal.  I'd like to also say Father Cristobal, but I don't know if I'm strong enough.  I said I would likely be one working in the League office.

Before seeing the film, The Crescat suggests that you "grab your tissues and prepare to have your faith set ablaze."  I didn't need a box of tissues, but there were moments when I almost did.  She always argues the "R" rating is unjustified; she's very right about this.  I would have little concern allowing younger audiences to see this film.  As a caution, there are images of hangings and of deaths in battle.  If parents are concerned, they should see the film first; they know there children and then make a good decision.  Frankly, much of the violence in the film can already be seen on television today.

Writing for Catholic World Report, Jim Graves offers a good summary of the film with interesting behind-the-scenes information, calling For Greater Glory a "compelling depiction of a dark period of Mexican history."

Ignatius Press will soon offer a companion book to the film, which you can pre-order (which I've done to learn more about this period).  The author sat for an interview with the staff of Catholic World Report.

Go see this movie.

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