23 April 2012

License and registration?

I'm happy to say that it's been a while since I've been pulled over for a moving violation.  Even so, there are three words we all dread when sitting behind the steering wheel: "License and registration."

A few days ago my 2013 Illinois Registration Identification Card arrived with validated decal to be placed on my rear license plate.  Above the sticker and below the registration card - with several arrows pointing to the the registration card - is the following:
This Identification Card must be carried at all times in those vehicles designed to carry more than 10 persons, or to pull or carry property, freight, or cargo; those that are designed or used for living quarters, and school buses (625 ILCS 5/3-416).  If you travel outside Illinois, you may be  [sic] required to exhibit this vehicle registration card as proof of ownership [emphases original].
Now, my car is not designed to carry more than 10 persons; at best, it can five.  It's not designed to pull or carry property, etc.  Nor is it designed as a living quarters, despite the amount of time I spend in it.  And it certainly isn't a school bus.

Given all of this, why do the police and State troopers in Illinois automatically ask for our license and registration if we aren't required to carry the registration card with us?

I know: I need to stop thinking.


  1. mary martha8:41 AM

    They don't. Here in Illinois you are asked for license and proof of Insurance. We are just used to hearing 'License and registration' on tv and in movies.

    I have only been asked for my registration card when outside the state. Here in state the sticker on the license plate is sufficient to show registration is up to date and they are able to easily look up the name of the owner of the vehicle in their computer.

  2. Anonymous9:46 AM

    During my time interning with the Jasper County Sheriff's Department, it was "Good evening, I'm Deputy [Name] with the Jasper County Sheriff's Department, may I see your license, registration, and proof of insurance, please?"

  3. In any case, thanks for jogging my memory, Father. I need to stop by the Sec'y of State's office before the week is out to buy my decal! If I don't, I will face displeasure from my spouse as well as the police!

    1. I'm always glad to help, Steve!

  4. Too bad God didn't save you from a traffic ticket. Now you have to spend your congregation's hard-earned money to pay for a moving violation you shouldn't have made in the first place. Ah, fleecing the gullible sure pays off.

    1. If you read the post, Citizen Atheist, you will see that I did not get a traffic ticket; I simply read the card attached to my renewal sticker.

      I should also note that I do not expect God to "save me from a traffic ticket." And if I do get a traffic ticket, the payment of the ticket comes out of my pocket.

      I don't go around trolling through atheist blogs to insult them; I would appreciate if you would not do so here.

      If you have something constructive to add, I will gladly post your comments; otherwise your future comments will not be published.