29 April 2012

Blessed Marianne: Jesus' path is not one of roses but of thorns and rocks

Pride, you know, is the casue of all sin and is the dark cloud that hides from our view Jesus' bleeding and suffering for us, and closes our ears to our sweet Saviour's call, "Take up thy cross and follow me" - not on a path of roses.  No, no, not on an easy road, but one that is full of thorns and rocks.  We followed the call of Jesus to come to Him as His Spouse, and since we are numbered among His chosen ones, it behooves us, to take up our cross and follow him.  Our own dear Saint Francis, the Saint who followed so closely our dear heavenly Spouse in deepest humility, he was ever ready to obey the simplest novice.  How will our life compare with his.  Try to accept what God is pleased to give you - no matter how bitter.  God wills it is the thought that will strengthen you and you over the hard places that we all have to experience if we wish to be true children of God....  I trust God will grant you the graces that you need to sanctify yourself.  Time is flying.  Let us make use of the fleeting moments.  They will never return.
- Blessed Marianne Cope 

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