29 February 2012

Hope in Ridgway, Illinois

Last night a tornado destroyed most of St. Joseph church in Ridgway, Illinois, in the Diocese of Belleville, yet hope remains:

Your eyes do not deceive you.  If you look through the rubble you can see the altar still intact and the tabernacle still present.

The storm system killed ten people yesterday in southern Illinois.  May they rest in peace.

Please keep all those whose lives have been so terribly shaken in your prayers, that the presence of the Eucharistic King in their midst will strengthen them for the days ahead.


Here's a picture of the church from a different angle:

The priest, thanks be to God, is unharmed.

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  1. I went to church at the rebuilt church with the restored altar tonight. Felt that I was in the presence of a miracle, although a marble altar would be stronger than a brick and plaster building. Still a very special place.