27 May 2011

Life at the Cathedral

As I travel around the Diocese I am frequently asked how I like living at the Cathedral.  My usual answer is, "I don't know; I'm not really there much."  I may have eaten dinner at the rectory four times over the past two months.

At any rate, life here is good, particularly when we help each other.

This morning I took a load of laundry downstairs (several loads, really) and I noticed something strange outside my room when I returned.

On my door is a small bulletin board with a few push pins and above it is a clamp with a rubberband hanging on it (I'm not sure why; it was there before I moved in).  This morning a round, yellow something was hanging in the rubber band:

It is a lemon.  The Pastor bought a few lemons and left one for me knowing that I will need one for tomorrow's ordination of a priest (lemon can be used to very easily remove the Chrism from your hands).

You never know what you'll find around here.

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