31 March 2011

A portrayal, and the reality

It occurred to me earlier this evening as I was running a few errands that I had not posted anything to the blog yet today.  At that very moment I drove past one of those marquee signs in front of churches that often have phrases that say less than they say:

For the time being we will pass over the historically inaccurate name of the ecclesial community.

You might say that this particular sign was efficacious, at least inasmuch as it set my mind to work.

Why go to a simple portrayal of the Last Supper when you can attend the sacramental re-presentation of the Last Supper of the Lord - and the foretaste of the Wedding Banquet of the Lamb - at any Mass celebrated in any Catholic church?  Why settle for a reenactment when you can participate in the actual event?

Let us pray tomorrow in a particular way for those who have left the Church founded by the Lord because of a lack of understanding, belief and love of the Eucharist.  Through our penances may they be drawn back to table of the Lord.

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