03 March 2011

A morning irritation

The folks on Fox and Friends this morning seem somewhat obsessed with the fact that the word "booty" is not used in the Revised Edition of the New American Bible.

They keep saying the word has been in the Bible "for thousands of years." By no means has it been. The English language hasn't been around that long.

I realize the work of translation is not easy, but this simple reality is not difficult to understand. Let's get it right, already.


  1. This is the same network that yesterday discussed the remarkably civilized protests in Wisconsin while playing old footage of a much less civilized one in California, and over the summer tried to insist that the Cordoba House would be radical because of an alleged radical Islamist funder who also happened to be part owner of FOXNews. The above is a venial sin.

  2. CarpeNoctem9:16 PM

    I, for one, prefer the word "swag"... very appropriate in the modern idiom.

    Arrrhh, ye maties! I gets me swag by plunderin' and pillagin'...