02 November 2007

I'm dreaming of a Catholic Christmas

I’ve found another fundraiser that won’t require a great deal of effort for my World Youth Day 2008 fundraising efforts.

It’s through Ignatius Press – my favorite publisher – and is called, “I’m dreaming of a Catholic Christmas.”

This is how it works: we sell Ignatius Press merchandise through their catalogues. We take down people’s names, addresses, and telephone numbers and the items they want to buy. We then place the order through Ignatius Press, they send us the merchandise, and the buyer picks it up from us. The best part is this: we sell the items at retail value and keep 35% of whatever we sell. It’s that simple.

The publisher has put together a list of their items with a decidedly Advent/Christmas theme, but we can also sell anything out of their catalogues.

Ignatius Press is the premier publisher in the United States of the writings of Pope Benedict XVI, both as Pontiff and as Cardinal. They have books for adults and children, from coloring books to spiritual books to history books and everything in between. They have a fantastic selection of quality movies and CDs and some beautiful artwork to boot.

In short, it’s all fantastic!

I’ve already signed the agreement with Ignatius Press and have a large selection of their merchandise sitting outside of my office for display purposes. We’ll try to sell them wherever we go for fundraising things.

This fundraiser runs through the end of the year. I've already asked about the possibility of selling their merchandise year round. They liked the idea and are going to consider it.

If you're looking for good, quality Catholic items and gifts, come find me and browse the catalogue!

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