11 January 2005

In the Bleak Midwinter

George Herbert once said, "Every mile is two in winter." How right he is! In addition to our twelve inches of snow, last night and today we are to receive one to four more inches of snow, with sleet and snow throughout the day as well. The attempts at writing papers and finishing other course work are proving a bit difficult lately, due in large part to the bleakness of this winter. Although the length of the day has been increasing since late December, we have not seen much of the sun in recent days to verify this scientific fact with our own eyes. The sun is supposed to return to us on Thursday, but the price to pay for the sunlight is temperatures below ten degrees.

Today I shall remove myself to the library in a drastic attempt to force myself to complete several papers that are due tomorrow and Thursday. They shall be completed on time and well!

In addition, I think I am going to have a bit of "liquid sunshine": DrPepper :) Toward the close of the day, those of us who took part in the forty-second annual Diocese of "Madison Caroling Tour" will be going out to dinner at local Italian restaurant to celebrate. Although today will be one largely devoted to work, it will not be without its amusements and enjoyments.

Peace and Joy!

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