13 January 2005

The Deacon Detective

This afternoon, shortly before Cardinal George spoke to the seminary community, I realized that my flag of Great Britain which sits atop my television, was missing. My immediate thought was, "The swine!"

I then quickly thought through all of my visitors and realized that it could only be one man and that the theft must have occured last evening since I had not received any visitors until that point today.

He visited me last evening about 9:15 for only a few moments. As we chatted, I watched him playing with the flag and I thought then to myself, "He's going to take my flag." But when he left my room I thought that I saw my flag on my television. I clearly was mistaken last night.

I paid a visit to the thief-suspect about 8:45 this evening. He did not deny having knowledge of the flag and told me that if a piece of Irish paraphernalia appeared in its place by the feast of St. Patrick, the flag would be returned.

I simply told him that I would instead place a large flag of the Sceptered Isle outside of my door. He laughed and then explained to me how he took the flag lastnight and that I must have mentally placed the flag in my sight.

He then returned the flag and told me he was surprised that I had figured it out so quickly, and on the first try. I then explained to him how I arrived at my conclusion. I was the last person he expected to see this evening, he said.

The flag is now happily in its rightful place in my room.

Peace and Joy!

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  1. well... i am so glad you got your flag back. i know it was a scary time for you, but order to the world has now been restored. whew!

    :) Daren, check out my blog sometime, would ya'? i have put a link to yours on mine... i hope you didn't mind!

    God bless --- and yes, the Pope is in my prayers to. what a holy man of God :).