24 March 2018

A happy update on Father Tolton's Cause for Canonization

Nearly a year before he transferred from the Gem City to the Windy City, the Servant of God Father Augustus Tolton told the St. Joseph's Advocate, "All were my friends [at the Propaganda College], they all loved me, though I cannot say why" (January 1888).

One year later, after having moved to Chicago, he remarked to the Atlanta Constitution, "I encountered no prejudice whatever and after my ordination celebrated mass for four weeks in St. Augustine's, Rome, where princes and potentates worship (7 January 1889).

Some 130 years later, this seems to remain the same, as is demonstrated by the news I received  late last night, news that warmed my heart, regarding Father Gus' Cause for Canonization:
March 8, 2018
Historical Consultants to the Vatican Congregation for Causes of Saints reviewed the official positio on the Servant of God Father Augustus Tolton and voted overwhelmingly that the Cause can move forward to eventually make its way to the desk of the Holy Father.
This, of course, is wonderful news and shows the Cause of Father Tolton continues to move forward and, by Roman standards, quickly so, for which we should render much thanks to God!

In canonical terms, a positio is something like a position paper which argues, in this case, that Father Tolton lived both the cardinal virtues - justice, prudence, temperance, and fortitude - and the theological virtues - faith, hope, and love - to a heroic degree and so is worthy of receiving the honorific, title of "Venerable."

Let us pray the positio now quickly makes its way into the hands of His Holiness Pope Francis and that he finds time to read it soon. May the Holy Father also agree with its findings so our beloved Father Gus may soon be raised to the dignity of the altars!

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  1. Strong work on Bishop Perry and his team.